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The Quickest Draw

journal log for a deceptive sharpshooter

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Name: Quickstrike
Aliases: 'Strike, Silverstrike, Quicksilver
"I'm quickest draw this side of the Pit. I guarantee it."
Faction: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Silver Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Coupe
Holoform: Christian Bale
Galactic Powers:
- Quickstrike has extremely good hand-to-eye coordination, and is extremely fast with his hands. He is an excellent quickdraw and his aim is always true. He is the perfect sharpshooter for any speedy job.
- He is proficient with any firearm known to Cybertronian kind--and then some. If it can be aimed and fired he can use it. (Throwing weapons/objects are a little less slow on the draw, but his aim is still usually pretty good. He doesn't like blades unless they're small and throw-able. Unarmed combat is his greatest annoyance.) Explosives are his secondary function, but he hardly ever shows an interest in using this set of skills; he prefers long-range combat opposed to brute force. True sniping, although typically testing of the full breadth of his limited patience, is still a very viable and excellent option for him.
- As a headhunter, Quickstrike has honed the skills needed to find his prey. He is oddly efficient with information gathering "on the streets" and shows a much more likable persona when dealing with potential useful characters. He is very good at controlling a situation and driving a conversation where he wants it. Manipulating beings in this way is the best he comes at deception.
Backstory: Quickstrike is actually named after an old Predacon whose remains were found on a deserted planet some time ago. He is, therefore, technically Quickstrike the Second. The only reason 'Strike doesn't mind is the history lesson given to him one day after getting his tailpipe handed to him in a "friendly" spar with a commanding officer of the Decepticon forces. It was this history lesson that taught him about the true nature of speed and what it meant to be a quickdraw--and from then on out he worked his diodes off to be the quickest mech alive. It was shortly after this new redevelopment of his personal skills that the Decepticon forces found the perfect use for the then relatively young Quickstrike. Despite his loud nature, or perhaps a little because of it, the higher-ups decided to send 'Strike out as a one-on-one bounty hunter operative. He proved extremely efficient at this type of work, and the lone-wolf nature of the job kept both himself and any nearby allies content to find him off and away from those he could potentially annoy. It was during this time that he developed both the deceptively suave alter-ego and the utterly arrogant attitude towards everyone else back 'home.' Several thousands of years later (probably several hundred thousand years later, but how is a 'bot really supposed to keep track? More importantly, why would they want to?) things have drastically changed in between times, but the Decepticon forces are finally making their come-back. Quickstrike is there to reap the benefits--he doesn't just work for the cause anymore; he likes to get paid the big bucks for his awesome skillz. It can also be noted that 'Strike is one of the few (not so few?) 'Cons that will readily hunt down his own kind if told to by the Decepticon leaders, especially, these days, if he's getting paid big-time. Therefore, 'Strike hunts both Autobot prey and rogue Decepticons that have strayed from "the path" so to speak. But he's still a "very, very, very loyal" Decepticon fighter.
Bio: Quickstrike is an annoying and abrasive character. His personality is arrogant (although he does have the skills to back this up, he gets exceedingly ridiculous), loud, and overbearing. He likes to taunt and tease those around him, whether enemy or ally, and he'll flirt obnoxiously with just about anything if it's aesthetically pleasing enough to his critical optic. This latter is likely directed to fellow mechs and/or opposing Autobots for the simple pleasure of annoying the Pit out of everyone and not necessarily based on having a personal lewd desire towards them. Contradictory to nature, Quickstrike surprisingly has a whole other façade he shows to those he is unfamiliar with or, more likely, trying to manipulate for his own purposes. This personality aspect is a suave, somewhat witty, casual businessman-like 'bot who excels at quick-thinking, fast-moving conversation. This odd fitting personality quirk is a direct byproduct from his bounty hunter status, as his usual personality just doesn't quite cut it when the 'Con wants to find information on certain elusive prey. He is likely not to show it to those he knows personally unless he thoroughly trusts them or simply has no other choice but to use it when they're in sight/auditory range.

This is a role-playing journal for fun by aisuyoukai.
All content is fictional and for entertainment purposes only, not for profit.
This is all based off the Transformers: Animated universe, despite likely misleading appearances.
If you have questions, feel free to ask in an OOC comment somewhere. I won't bite. Too hard.